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Our team is comprised of experienced mental health therapists who have a wide range of specialties, and service clients of all ages. Our counseling services include individual, couples, group, and family counseling. Whether you, or a loved one, are suffering with depression, anxiety, or adjusting to a phase of life, our therapists can help.


Meet Our Team

Counseling Services in Toledo Ohio

Mohamed Badra Ph.D., PCC-S, NCC

Dr. Mohamed Badra is a board certified clinical counselor, counselor supervisor, and an adjunct professor who utilizes empirically evidenced therapeutic modalities to help you achieve your goals. Dr. Badra has earned his masters (Clinical Mental Health Counseling) and doctorate (Counselor Education and Supervision) degrees from The University of Toledo. Dr. Badra has taught a variety of graduate level courses in counseling programs and has worked in various clinical settings. His academic and clinical backgrounds afford him the ability to better understand the human condition  in order to help with treatment. Dr. Badra provides a variety of therapeutic modalities, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy; a specific treatment modality used for treating trauma (PTSD) and other anxiety disorders. Dr. Badra’s clinical and academic experiences have translated into research publication and subject matter presentations. 

Research shows that speakers of more than one language have more than one cognitive approach to conceptualize and solve problems. To that effect, Dr. Badra utilizes his multi-cultural background to help clients recognize different cognitive frameworks in approaching their problems. Over the years, Dr. Badra has helped numerous clients suffering with anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, process addiction, parenting issues, LGBTQI+ issues, trauma, and more. His clients describe him as genuine, easy to talk to, and competent.

Population age range: 13 and up

Mental Health Counselor in Toledo Ohio

Carrie Craun, M.A., PCC-S

Carrie graduated from The University of Toledo in 1991 with a Bachelor of Education Degree and spent the next 17 years teaching and working in administration. She returned to school at The University of Toledo where she graduated with a Masters in Clinical Counseling, in 2005. Carrie completed her clinical internship at a local community mental health agency, treating adults with severe and persistent mental illness diagnoses. In 2008, she began her clinical residency working with children and families. In 2011, Carrie received her independent clinical license and continued working with children with severe emotional disturbance diagnoses as well as adults. Carrie continued her career in mental health working in health home programs with an integrated team of providers that focused on providing services to young children and those living with a pervasive developmental disorder. In this role she provided clinical and administrative supervision to case managers. Carrie earned her supervisory endorsement and has provided clinical supervision to dependently licensed clinicians who were pursuing higher licensure. Carrie’s areas of professional interest include treating adults with clinical depression and anxiety, couples, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and personality disorders. Carrie’s clients describe her as kind, knowledgeable, and professional. 

Population age range: 14 and up

Mental Health Therapist in Toledo

Maha Eidi, M.A.

Upon earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, from The University of Toledo, Maha decided to further her education and training, in Chicago, where she attained her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from The Illinois School of Professional Psychology.

Maha has received training in many forms of evidence-based psychotherapy, and is particularly well-versed in Person-Centered and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She has extensive training in administering comprehensive personality and psychopathology assessments. The breadth of Maha’s clinical expertise affords her the experience to work with clients who are struggling with behavioral concerns, anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, relationship distress, and eating, adjustment, bipolar, and various personality disorders. Maha has 10 years of experience in working with children and adults in various clinical settings; inpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs.

Maha is passionate about challenging and empowering clients to realize their full potential. Her interventions are both genuine and transparent, and she takes pride in ensuring that her clients have the understanding and the tools necessary to maintain and enhance their own well-being. Maha strives to foster a nonjudgmental and compassionate space to deliver care to individuals of all cultural backgrounds and identity affiliations.

Maha’s clients describe her as compassionate, knowledgeable and positive.

Population age range: 5 and up

Jason Goldswer, LISW-S

Jason Goldswer, LISW-S is a Servant Leader who has worked in the field of behavioral health, with a solid clinical history of Mental Health and Addition Treatment services, for nearly 25- years. Jason moved to Ohio from New York in 2013 and began working with a local behavioral health agency performing administrative duties as an Associate Vice President of Clinical Services. 

He received his undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in the 90’s from Cazenovia College near Syracuse, New York. Following graduation, Jason spent a year living in Boston, Massachusetts where he became exposed to an array of various treatment approaches working with individuals and families. Jason spent the next several years residing in Rochester, New York, exploring and performing various roles in the field of behavioral health continuing to perfect his craft and build a strong clinical foundation. During this time, Jason received his Master’s degree in the field of Social Work in the early 2000’s. 

Jason is Person Centered in his approach and has developed his clinical foundation grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in most of his methods in treating an array of mental health conditions. Over the years, he has added and refined his approaches with engaging those he treats. Additionally, he is trained in, has trained and enhances his therapy sessions with the use of mindfulness techniques and Dialectical Behavioral Treatment (DBT) and its’ practical uses in treating depression, anxiety, mood disorders, interpersonal relationship issues, emotional dysregulation, addiction and much more. Jason will also draw from other trained uses of Brief Solution Focused Therapy and Motivational Interviewing techniques. Though Jason can provide specific therapy approaches and techniques, Jason will partner with clients he works with throughout therapy to nurture individual’s ability to self-navigate through building confidence and competence of their own self-awareness and acceptance. 

In addition to offering individual therapy, Jason may encourage use of family interventions and supportive family sessions to enhance the individual’s therapeutic growth and development. Jason’s career included working with couples in counseling and may also include this approach as a part of an individual’s treatment course. Although Jason is no stranger with working with children and families of all
ages, Jason has a long history of working with adults of all ages. He also believes in the ‘whole- person’ and will refer individuals to alternative resources to enhance the individuals self-care needs as needed.

Population age range: 16 and up

Female Mental Health Counselor in Toledo

Ashley Kopaniasz, LICDC-S, PCC-S

Originally from Louisiana, Ashley obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, La. After two years working with dually diagnosed adolescents, she moved to the Midwest. She began working with adults while completing her Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling at The University of Toledo. Following her degree completion she served two terms as a Board Member of the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board. She has developed and implemented various treatment programs ranging from residential, outpatient, and recovery housing settings. In addition, she serves as a trainer for Ohio’s Institute for Health to further create awareness and competencies to those involved in the child-welfare system. Since 2004, Ashley has worked in the mental health and addictions field with those seeking to enhance their lives. Her areas of clinical competence include: depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, addictions and substance abuse, self esteem issues, personality disorders, relationship issues, bipolar disorders and more. Ashley’s clients describe her as professional, empathetic, and a good listener. 

Population age range: 16 and up

Mental Health Counselor in Toledo Ohio

Julie Lake, M.A., LPCC

Julie Lake is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who received her Bachelor’s Degree from Lourdes University and her Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling from Spring Arbor University. Her clinical training focused on treating clients suffering with substance abuse and mental health disorders. Julie’s clinical background and experience afford her the ability to competently assist clients suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, PTSD, life transitions, weight issues, and personality disorders. 
She uses a variety of therapeutic interventions including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Reality Therapy. Julie prides herself on helping her clients to gain the necessary tools to understand and overcome obstacles placed before them. Her clients describe her as sincere, dedicated, and understanding.

Population age range: 14 and up

Amanda Skolmowski Therapist

Amanda Skolmowski, LISW-S

My name is Amanda, and here is my philosophy in providing services: 
Many individuals of all ages are faced with challenges that lead to anxiety, depression, traumatic symptoms, communication struggles, and low self confidence. These challenges makes it difficult to effectively process and complete one’s daily tasks. In children and teens, these stressors often show themselves as struggling to fit in at school, low self esteem, seclusion, low motivation, and poor communication skills. Many adults struggle with the stress of daily work life balance, relationships, family dynamics, and past traumas.
I realize that it may be difficult to make the first step in reaching out for help. I am here to provide support, privacy and a comfortable space to assist you in your goals for the present and the future. My main focuses of treatment are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Strength Based Perspective, Trauma Focused, Solution Focused and Mindfulness practices.

At every life stage there are new challenges that require us to adapt. I am here to assist you in accomplishing your goals, by tackling those tough challenges that can inhibit your growth. My clients describe me as honest, straight forward, and easy to connect with. I am open to working with both children and adults.

Population age range: 5 and up

Amy Timmons LPCC-S

Amy Timmons, LPCC-S, LICDC, SAP

Amy is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervisory Endorsement, and a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor.  She received a Master of Arts degree from the University of Toledo in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor of Science degree from Heidelberg College in Psychology and Business Management.  She has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings in addition to Employee Assistance Programming and Community Mental Health.  

Amy specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of drug or alcohol dependence and has specialized training in trauma treatment.  Amy is a qualified Substance Abuse Professional for The Department of Transportation professionals.  Amy currently holds the position of Regional Clinical Director for a community mental health agency where she oversees clinical operations in Lucas County that include adult and children mental health outpatient treatment, substance use treatment, school-based services treatments, and expressive arts treatment.

Amy previously held positions for many years in Business Management in both Customer Service and Operations.  She has managed both union and non-union employees, as well as professional and support staff. 

Population age range: 18 and up

Jason Torof, LPCC-S

Hello, my name is Jason Torof, an independently licensed clinical counselor, with supervisory endorsement, (LPCC-S) and I am happy to work with you to help achieve your goals. Here’s a little about me:

I started my education at Florida State University where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and my Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. In these programs, the focus was on training and mastering different clinical skills and techniques, and applying what was learned in clinical externships. In addition to the minimal training requirements needed for graduation, I completed a year-long internship that allowed me to specialize in treating adolescents and adults. I completed my masters in 2012 and have been practicing since. 

I have worked in a variety of clinical settings; home-based, community-based, and office-based. I began my career working with at risk adolescents and their caregivers in a short-term residential facility for a year. After that I started working at a non profit agency providing family therapy for the youth, exhibiting problematic behavior, and their families. It was important for me to bridge the gap between the youth and the parents, and help parents gain the tools needed to bring back the peace in the home. 

After moving to Toledo, in 2016, I focused my career on providing individual, couples, and family therapy at a local mental health community agency where I was promoted to Clinical Manager and provided additional supervisory and consultative services. While I enjoyed my administrative role, I did miss direct client care and redirected my work to exclusively providing counseling and therapeutic services and serviced youth and adults suffering with a variety of mental health issues such as, anxiety, depression, PTSD, personality disorders, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, relational conflict, couples and family communication challenges, grief, and emotion regulation.    

When you and I are working together, I will give you sufficient time to express yourself so I can better understand you. My hope is that when you first meet me you find me warm and friendly, and that I’m able to create a safe and private space where you can begin to heal. I want to be able to listen and understand life from your perspective first so that I can then apply my therapeutic skills in the most helpful and effective way. This allows me to tailor a specific treatment plan that works for you; there are no cookie cutter approaches. 

I take an integrative approach to therapy that involves Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Person Centered Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology, Trauma-Informed Care, Mindfulness and a variety of different family therapies and techniques. My goal for you is to get back to having a meaningful life and enjoy your relationships, create memories, and feel at peace with yourself. 

When I am not doing clinical work, I have a lot of different interests in my own life, the most recent of which has been painting and building miniatures. I also enjoy playing the bass guitar (passably at best!) since 2016. I love to sit back and enjoy a good book and I am in current need of more book shelves! I enjoy creating memories with my wife of 9 years, spending time with friends, going out to festivals, movies, and restaurants. My goal is at some point to get into more kayaking in the Maumee river and to write a book, but as I often say, one step at a time!

Population age range: 12 and up

Counseling services in Toledo Ohio

Stephanie Wise, Ph.D., PCC-S

Dr. Stephanie McGuire Wise is a licensed professional clinical counselor and clinical supervisor who has worked in the mental health field since 1996. Dr. McGuire Wise earned her Master’s degree from Bowling Green State University (Guidance and Counseling) and her Doctorate degree from The University of Toledo (Counselor Education and Supervision). In addition to clinical practice, Dr. McGuire Wise teaches graduate level courses at Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo. She has been a member of several professional organizations including the American Counseling Association and the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision. Dr. McGuire Wise has experience in working with college students and adults with mental illness and emotional issues using a variety of therapeutic interventions including cognitive behavior therapy, existentialism, solution-focused brief therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy. Above all, she recognizes that the therapeutic relationship between client and counselor is the most important intervention to affect change. She is known by her clients and supervision interns as compassionate, genuine, and nonjudgmental. Dr. McGuire Wise has extensive experience working with the LGBTQ+ population, including gender confirmation; young adult identity development; trauma; anxiety; depression; chronic, acute, and terminal illness; and finding meaning and purpose in life. Dr. McGuire Wise practices a holistic approach to mental health wellness by incorporating aspects of intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual wellness into treatment. Her research interests include anti-stigma interventions, holistic wellness, and young adult development.

Population age range: 14 and up

Psychologist in Toledo

Jean Roberts, Ph.D

Dr. Jean Roberts is a licensed psychologist with nearly twenty years of clinical experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and families. Dr. Roberts has worked in various settings including community mental health, private practice, elementary, middle, and high schools, and the juvenile justice setting. This experience allows her to be knowledgeable about these different systems to assist in coordinating care and/ or advocating for those she serves. 

Dr. Roberts has experience in clinical research, higher education (teaching both undergraduate and graduate level courses), presenting at the local, state, and national levels, and supervising students and psychology assistants. Additionally, she is a frequent invited speaker at the University of Toledo where she presents on relevant mental health issues. She is active in the local mental health community, participating in the Toledo Area Association of Professional Psychologists and has served on a committee through the Lucas County Mental Health Board.

Dr. Roberts’ primary treatment modalities include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). She also has specialized training in play therapy, parent training, and Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for various types of trauma. Dr. Roberts often integrates expressive art into her work and conducts groups in this area. Dr. Roberts also has experience conducting psychological testing to help clarify diagnoses and provide recommendations to guide appropriate treatment for children and adults.

Dr. Roberts uses a safe and supportive space for recognizing and using one’s strengths, increasing insight, and taking the next steps to make changes to increase one’s happiness and fulfillment. Dr. Roberts has vast experience in working with individuals who are struggling with issues related to depression, anxiety, anger, family issues, trauma, obsessive compulsive disorder, life transitions, and more. She also helps adolescents and children, ages 5 and up, cope with depression, anxiety, ADHD, emotional regulation, and social issues. Dr. Roberts also specializes in working with individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. Dr. Roberts’ clients describe her as empathetic, creative and dedicated. 

Population age range: 5 and up

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